Vintage '70s Cape

Thursday, February 26, 2009

For as long as I can remember, my mum has always been crafting when we were kids. She had a crochet phase too and as a result, collected a couple of pattern books. On our last trip to Singapore, I borrowed a few of them. Here is a cape I made from from a 1976 issue. It may be 33 years old but because fashion always come a full circle, this design is still fresh as daisies.

Check it out:

This was done in a lightweight 3 ply acrylic yarn using a Clover 6/0 (3.5mm) hook. I updated the cape by adding buttons down the entire front of the opening and shortening the overall length. There is no reason to go around looking like Sherlock Holmes , if you get my drift.

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Lol @ Sherlock Homes. This is lovely, in fact, I saw this pattern (almost 100% similarity) in my bubbly bolero book.
Thanks! I think I know which pattern you mean, that is, if we are referring to the same book. I would like to lay my hands on a copy, actually.
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