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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Today I conned, er, I mean persuaded my husband to take me to Maastricht for a spot of shopping and late lunch. The dear man agreed after I pointed out he needed new business shirts and jeans.

So the long and short of it was, after a few hours of fighting the crowds (you'd think the stores were giving away the stuff, not selling them), all three of us came away with booty. Some more than the others. No prizes for guessing who. *evil cackle*

At 3pm, we sauntered into our favourite bistro cum restaurant called De Ville, glad for a seat and warmth from the cold. It'd started drizzling and at 7C, it's like having ice water splashed on your face.

We studied the menu for a bit which, in my case, is such a sham as I always, always order the same thing - the duck salad. It's a bed of deliciously fresh salad topped with roasted duck breast and slices of orange and orange peel. Add a good splash of tangy orange vinigrette and you've got a surefire hit to the stomach lining. Yum!

My husband ordered a traditional Limburgs bacon salad and my son had his usual Toasti Hawaii - grilled sandwich with ham, pineapple and lots of gooey melting cheese.

And so we spen the following hour eating, talking and laughing. It was a lovely family time.

And now, if you don't mind me, I've got to sort through my spoils of war now. *wink*

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I must say that when I think of Maastricht, I only think of the treaty. To know that you have good shopping there makes me feel like visiting the city for some shopping too...
beau lotus: Maastricht is on an 'acceptable' level for a shopaholic like me and you (I'm sure). However, if you want to do real damage I'd steer you towards the direction of Amsterdam. That's where the gold is.
Diamonds, would be just as desirable...:-)
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