Things To Do With Leftover Mandarin Peels

Monday, February 05, 2007

This month, Chinese people worldwide will be welcoming the Year of the Pig. As part of the New Year tradition, visits to family and friends will be made. On paper, this sounds like a wonderful excuse for meeting up. However, in practice, it can swing both ways. One, it can be enjoyable or two, considered a downright cruel and unusual form of punishment. As a child and later an adult, I would be bored to tears, being hustled from one home to the next. The only saving grace is during these visits, snacks, cookies and mandarin oranges will be plied upon the guests. I normally stuff my face so I reduce the chance of having to answer inane, eyeball rolling quality questions put out by well-meaning relatives. The other saving grace is of course the collection of ang pows; red packets filled with money given out to children and singletons.

So, to all my fellow Chinese readers, with whom I might share some sort of unspoken bond, the kind that can only be forged by going through the same traumatic experience, this is for you. The next time First Auntie or Third Grand-Auntie wants to know why you're still single, ("is it because you're too picky?") or if you're married, when are you having your first child? And if you already have a child, why are you not having another one? One is too lonely, the more the merrier. Well, you get my drift. So, the next time that happens and you've already downed your nth mandarin orange (after all, one can only gobble up so many without appearing greedy), you might want to try this to kill the boredom:

Sometimes it's okay to play with your food.

Thanks, Kristin (my fellow Singaporean exile in the Netherlands), for forwarding the photos to me. I almost spit out the bowl of muesli I was eating while reading your email. Haha!


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wow really cute leh, joyce! u're so creative....
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