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Thursday, March 22, 2007

You know, growing up and living most of my adult life in Singapore, I never bothered about weather forecasts. I mean, we Singaporeans know that there are only 3 main seasons on the island - hot and dry season, monsoon season and sale season (which tend to last all year round).

However, since moving to Europe, I've been obsessed with weather reports. I must at least know what we're in for the next day, if not the entire week. Do I huddle up in my winter coat and scarves or do I pull out my cute lightweight trenchcoat and banish my boots into the cold palace?

The weather also dictates my agenda for the day. If it's bad weather, I reschedule errands or appointments where possible. That is what happens when one stubbornly refuses to learn how to drive. You are at the mercy of public transport and of course, the weather.

Which brings me to this. It's officially Spring now. In keeping with tradition, the weather has been really wonky. No, I mean really. Starting Sunday, we've had rain, light hail ( ice the size of packing styrofoam pellets), and blinding sunshine (a whopping 30 mins each day). All in a day, everyday. We even had snow. On Monday, we woke up to a world, white as can be. My son was crazy with joy of course and for once, I didn't have to hustle him out the door to be on time for school.

Today at 40C, is rainy and cold. Forecasts have it that it'll be like this throughout the week so I guess I still have to hang on to those winter coats for a bit longer.

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I know, Spring's officially here and it started to rain, hail and then snow. And have we snow here in Stuttgart. You wonder what those flowers on the verge of blooming are thinking of now.

But I'm not complaining, I'm going to ski in a week's time :-).

PS : In S'pore we say, "Never leave home without your umbrella and your Card".
Ah, lucky you! Going skiing and all.

I hope the weather changes soon. I really hate getting pelted with the different forms of water. Cold water at that.

Yep, have also been lugging my brolly all over with me.
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