Tau Yew Bak With Mantou

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tau Yew Bak

Tau Yew Bak is up there on my list of comfort food. It's pork belly braised in dark soy sauce. The thick sauce is salty sweet and tastes oh-so-good with Mantou, steamed Chinese buns.

Home-made Mantou

Mantou is available ready-made in Singapore, fresh or frozen. It can be eaten steamed or deep-fried. I love it deep fried when dipping it into the gravy of Chilli Crab, another Singaporean signature dish.

As I can't find them in the asian stores here, I had to be Johnny-on-the-spot and make them from scratch. It's not difficult at all, most of the time spent is in proving the dough, which takes 2 hours. It's Sunday, I didn't have plans, I had time. Mantou can be shaped into different forms. For today, I did a swiss-roll style and a flat circle folded into half to sandwich the pork slices in.

Tau Yew Bak with Mantou

Tau You Bak is yet another uncomplicated dish. As long as you get the sugar to caramelize properly to glaze the pork belly, you're home free. Then you leave it all to simmer and and pick up your stitching while watching your taped episodes of House and CSI:LV. Which I did.

Multi-tasking, I call it.

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The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 7:35 pm

5 calories
aiyo, your tau yew bak looks soooo shiok leh
You know, that's one delicious-looking dish. I love mantous, usually eat it plain like in those wuxia movies, wish I could have some now...
precious moments: Edith, you know the calories in tau yew bak is also very shiok. LOL.

beau lotus: You eat them like my son. If I make char siew baos, he'll dig out the filling to eat the skin. *shakes head*. Can you get them at the asianladen? I remember the one I frequented in Koln stocked up on frozen ones made in Singapore.
Actually I have found some at the Asienladen here, but at 2,50 Euros a packet that costs a quarter of the price in Singapore, I hesitate...

I know, I can be such a cheapskate.
beau lotus: No, not a cheapskate at all. I'm like that too. I just can't bring myself to pay the price too unless I'm really hankering after that certain product or it's a must have ingredient.
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