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Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's amazing the way time flies. Exactly a month ago we were in Benidorm, enjoying the beach, the sights, the shopping and of course, the food. Especially the food, but we'll get to that later.

Back in the '50s, Benidorm, was a small fishing village in the region of Alicante, on the Costa Blanca. Over the years, people from all over Europe started flocking to it because of its excellent weather and beaches. Thanks to the mountains acting as a windbreaker, the winters there are very mild. And that's why we were there, to catch a bit of winter sun. It wasn't pool or beach weather but still very pleasant to stroll up and down the boulevard by the beach. All 5km of it. With them come restaurants, bars, supermarkets and shops ensuring your tummy, eyes and purse stay very busy.

There are 2 beaches: Levante and Poniente - Spanish for sunrise and sunset. I thought they were apt names. I didn't witness the sunrise (I'm not a morning person, especially not on holiday) but the sunsets were something else. I don't know why, but sunsets always seem all the more spectacular when viewed from a beach horizon. To me at least.

Another spectacular beach sight was this:

We chanced upon it on the second day strolling where these 2 guys were working on the base and 1.5 head. They were really going for it, with pails, tools and what not. They even had some sort of water supply going, to keep the sand moist and compact. I think they were trying to fashion the 12 apostles, it being the season of Lent. Perhaps the Last Supper? Anyway, for the entire week we were there, we'd make a point to mosey down the sand sculpture to track its progress and toss some euros in the collection area.

When we got tired from walking, usually every 2 hours or so - hey, relaxing is such thirsty work, don't you know - we'd make a pit stop at one of the many watering holes. One such place is the Ku Life Cafe and Lounge. (I don't get the Ku Life bit either but no matter)

Water for me, Sprite for the boy and Tia Maria with coffee for the husband and in-laws. Yes, my husband's parents were with us on holiday too. As a general rule, my husband and I are lazy people when on holiday but my in-laws, they are a breed which I like to term 'commando tourists', always zipping around, trying to pack in each and every single sight they can. You know, The Type. Please note I use the term affectionately of course.

Sorry, I digress. Here's a photo of the cafe exterior, taken from where I was seated.

The interior is full of Balinese furniture: carved benches and tables generously scattered with silk and beaded cushions, the works. With a huge bar and dancefloor, I guess that's where the lounge bit comes into play at night. The washrooms were lovely too. Huge shells for sinks with stone fixtures and decor. Nice!

Another feature, if one could call it that, were the young, fashionable looking waiters there. Only males, mind you. Not one single female did I spy and most of them looked like they were catwalk runway ready. And extremely gay. I could almost see the job advertisment:

Young, good-looking men with keen sense of fashion. Able to sashay through rows of tables with a loaded tray. Must possess enough grace and attitude to put Miss Universe and most of the female population to shame.

I felt right at home, I tell you.


And now, the best part.

The Food.

Of course we had seafood almost every evening. Of course we had Paella. Of course some of us had Sangria. And of course, we had Tapas. Can't possibly go to Spain without crawling into a Tapas bar, can you? We found one that was chockful of locals (that's our yardstick for authencity). Unfortunately, that also meant they spoke only Spanish but no matter. After living in 2 countries where I don't speak the language, I was a veteran. I did know some basic words and the staff were so kind and patient with me. Anyway, what I wanted to say is this: we enjoyed ourselves so much, we made return visits. All of four times I think. On the 3rd visit, we started getting complimentary dessert. I will let the photos do the talking now. They are more eloquent than I can ever be.

I was rather embarrassed when snapping the photos but I just had to, for the blog. True it was a casual place but still! I could almost hear the waiters and waitresses going, "Bloody tourist!" in their heads. *haha*

But truly, it was heel lekker and I've been inspired to do the same thing at home. I did, in fact, make some last night for dinner and will continue to do so this summer.

I'm going to leave recollections of our trip here for the time being. More episodes will come along the way, I promise. I have an immediate urgent matter to take care of now: my growling tummy. Serves me right for writing about and posting photos of food on an empty stomach.


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