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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Three times a year, all parents of my son's primary school troop down to discuss their child's progress with their respective form teacher. Also thrown in is a sneak peak at their pride and joy's report book.

Yesterday was our turn. In a nutshell, our son did well academically, pulling As and Bs. Which made us very happy of course seeing how we don't exactly push him very hard at home. He's only seven and in my opinion, still allowed to have a bit of childhood. I probably have to push him and be more strict when he starts bringing back homework next year. Till then, we're still on relaxed mode.

Then came the social and personal growth evaluation. Our son mixes very well with his peers. That made us happy too. We were also told he is very good and sweet natured. That made us even happier. Then the form teacher commented he has a very stubborn streak and wanted to know which of us were responsible for that. Jokingly of course. And jokingly my husband replied, "The both of us." I mentally gave him a kick on the shin.

It seems that a few weeks ago, the class had some kind of experiment going on in the playground. They had to measure something or other and when it was time to pick up their rulers off the ground, my son (yes, him of the sweet nature) flat out refused to do it. As in totally, unequivocally refused. No amount of telling or ordering would budge him. In the end, he earned himself detention during play-time.

His reason: "But if I pick it up, my hands will get dirty!"


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Count yourself lucky coz my son is :

1. very inconsistent = could be A could also be E;

2. the kind that the teacher keeps complaining about e.g. that he daydreams all the time and is an absolute mess;

3. not very clean, the dig-his-nose-in-class sort plus should see the state of his clothes, shoes, bag etc everyday.

Congratulate the boy for me.
I just take each report as it comes. After all, he's only 7 and still has a long way to go. It's easy peasy now but let see what happens as he progresses.

Hah! Mine is also a day-dreamer both at home and in school. It was on his last report. I think it's genetic because that's what the teachers used to say that about me too.

In terms of cleanliness and tidiness, my son borders on the anal. He's slightly better now, after we tell him that he and his clothes are washable. Again, genetic. Again, my fault.

I will send him your regards. *wink*
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