May I Host This Year's Brunch, Please?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

After Christmas, my next favourite holiday is Easter. Even more so after moving to a temperate climate. Perhaps it's the change in weather, with spring breaking out and all the trees and flowers waking up from their winter sleep. As if Mother Nature is giving the world a wake-up call - "Wake up you lazy buds!"- and all that sort of thing. Whatever it is, everything feels new.

Every year, the whole clan troops on down to my parents-in-law for an Easter brunch. This includes an Easter egg hunt in the backyard for the kids. Every year, my dear son, like his father before him, would find one chocolate egg or bunny, start eating it up and forget about the search, just being content with the one at hand while the rest are still frantically trying to load up their baskets. Every year, Mom and Dad would egg him on (forgive the pun, I had to *haha*) with a "Search first, eat later!""

This year, I thought I'd volunteer to host it. Mother-in-law is getting on in years and although she doesn't say it, I know it tires her out. I did make sure the idea came across as a "May I?" instead of a "I will" as I didn't want her to feel I'm stealing her thunder.

With permission granted, the party planning side of my brain got down to work.

Brunch will be in an informal buffet style. I've worked out a fusion menu instead of going with traditional European fare. I've also decided on the colour theme and decorations. My husband made me promise I won't go overboard but we'll see.

I've already said we'll see, didn't I???!!! *evil glint*


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