Stranger Than Fiction #58639

Friday, July 04, 2008

Last Sunday was Stay-At-Home day in Cookalot. Whilst the two men sequestered themselves in the study with their online games, I made myself a pot of jasmine tea, put on season I-Lost-Count of CSI:New York and proceeded to wind down. Quite literally in this case as I decided today would be the day I get through at least some of my hanks of newly bought yarn from yet another spree.

Let me explain what I mean.

Yarn here are sold by weight and come in hanks. Before using, one must wind them into neat balls or else one will come face to face with an almighty tangle in the middle of knitting or crocheting and be compelled to stab oneself with one's needles or hooks.

In order to keep morale and sugar level high, cookies also went along with my tea. I was in a playful mood, hence my choice of refreshment:

These Japanese cookies are funny. They are indvidually wrapped and have messages stamped on them. And herein lies the fun. You never know what message you're going to get when you unwrap your cookie. Take my fourth one for instance:


Sometimes I feel I'm being toyed with.....

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 5:53 am

4 calories

I love taking pleasure in the small things in life too... ;)
I love love love those biscuits. How cute.
Rachel: Yup, simple is good, especially now that we're back in city mode.
D: I think the cookies would make a nice finishing touch for your Princess' Japanese meals.

I normally don't like cute but this I couldn't pass up.
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