Dad's Birthday And The Olive3

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Dad turned 60 on Wednesday.

Because we couldn't be there for such a significant birthday, I was all the more determined to find That Special Something in addition to our usual cake and bouquet combo ordered from wherever we happened to be that year. Ain't the internet grand?

Anyhow, That Special Something came in the form of The Olive3 and here's what I specifically requested - the Duet Surprise Delivery Service.

We had two guitarists/vocalists pay Dad and Mum a surprise visit. At a pre-arranged time, they appeared on my parents' doorstep and presented Dad with his cake and flowers. Dad thought that was it, as per every other year but no, wait, there's more! The two men then broke into not one but two songs: All Shook Up and This Crazy Little Thing Called Love. For the occasion, I picked something upbeat with Elvis thrown in for good measure. Dad's an Elvis fan(atic), you see.

The best part of the whole thing? For an extra S$20 (€10), the whole event will be recorded so you can watch it online. Perfect for overseas customers like us.

I would like to say a special thank-you to Lily, the person who handled our order. She was very prompt and helpful with my queries and seeing how I can be long-winded when it comes to such matters, it was no mean feat. Thanks again, Lily!


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I love the Olive3. I've ordered from them before, but not the duet service, but it was really an interesting thing that caught my attention. And the staff are lovely. :) I'm sure it was an extra special birthday for your Dad.
D, Dad had a VERY nice birthday. We caught him and my mum completely off guard. LOL. The staff are lovely and they are now my go-to people for online gifts.
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