The One About Campbell's Soup

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hubs is away on business.

I, on the other hand, have a crocheting project I want to dig my hook in, so the less time I spend in the kitchen the better.

As a result, Sonny-boy and I had the infamous 30 euro a pop bolognese rag├╣ frozen from last week. And to make it that little bit more substantial, I heated up a can of Campbell's Chicken and Mushroom Soup to be eaten with buttered toasts as well.

Some of you may know I adore Campbell's canned soup, my favourite being the Chicken Noodle. The love stems way back into childhood where my mum would put it on a table once in a while as a treat.

You can't find Campbell's in the Netherlands, at least in the area where we live but it is readily available in Beijing. To carry on the tradition, I introduced the stuff to Sonny-boy this year and he took to it like fish to water. His favourite is the Cream of Chicken with extra pasta thrown in.

Some parents pass on title deeds, jewelry and Patek Philippes to their offspring, I go for manufactured soup.

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