Crocheted Dress And Cardigan Ensemble

Friday, February 27, 2009

As every well-heeled fashionista knows, a lady should have at least one LBD - Little Black Dress, hanging in her closet. I'm starting my 19 month old niece young. A little black dress and matching cardigan is on its way to you, Isabelle. All you need now is a matching kid-size 2.55 purse and black patent Mary Janes and you'll be the spiffiest looking kid in nursery!

This crocheted dress and cardi is made up of cotton yarn using a Clover 4/0 (2.5mm) hook. It was straightforward enough but hoover damn! Was it tedious work or what? All them repetitive rows! But it turned out to be such a beauty, so all is forgiven. Even Hubs oohed and ahhed at it, thereafter giving me The Look. I flatly told him the factory was closed.

Instead of the usual pastels, I chose black with off white as an accent colour to give it that stylish edge. And to finish off the Chanel inspiration, I added the Camelia at the neckline.

I didn't want my niece messing about with safety pin brooches so I stitched the Camelia right over the button loop as shown by Bear.

Sis, I hope the fit is good and I want photos of Isabelle in the ensemble!

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The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 1:33 am

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I really love this, maybe I should do a LBD for H, and hopefully she doesnt turn out like a member from Addams family :p
This is too adorable! You're a genius! Will we get a picture of your niece in her LBD?
is your 2.25 a kid's version of the 2.55? :P
chicchicbaby: You must! You must! Every girl needs an LBD. The fashion gods say so. Haha.

Lilian: Let me go and ask the mummy first...

Rachel: Haha, yes, the shrunk down version. Thanks for highlighting the typo. *slapping myself on the wrist*
Who says kids can't be dressed in black ? This outfit is reason enough. As usual, I love the details. Great job, Dutchess.
Izzie absolutely loves it. We have several weddings to attend so she will definitely be wearing her first LBD, black shiny mary janes and all!

...and of course you can put her pic of her modelling it up on your site! xx
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