Korean Barbecue

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ai Jiang Shan is our go-to place for Korean barbecues. The restaurant is in a stand alone two storey building. The decor and ambience is lush, sedate with lashings of zen thrown in. There is a little stream running through the main dining hall complete with bridges et al. The bridges serve a practical purpose. You really do need it to get to the other side. At the hall way towards the entrance, a quartet plays traditional Chinese/Korean music. For bigger parties, there are the private dining rooms which run down the middle of the restaurant. For absolute peace and privacy, going upstairs would be your best bet. We did once, but it was a tad too quiet for us. It was not unlike eating in a mausoleum. To complete the aesthetics, staff are all dressed in traditional clothing which change with the season.

Then there's the food. I'm not a professional critic nor imagine myself to be one but I know what I like. And this I like very much. Here are pictures from our last meal there and I think they speak for themselves:

Edited on 16 March:

This is Ai Jiang Shan's official website. It's all in Chinese though but even if you can't read the words, the photos are still drool worthy.

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