Night Safari And The Return Of Halloween Horrors

Saturday, October 17, 2009

At the behest of Sonny-boy, we went to the Night Safari last night. We've been many times so I didn't bring my camera along, hence the lack of photos. Besides, flash photography is prohibited as it upsets the animals. It is bad enough we gawk and point at them but to blind them as well ...

We had, quite literally, a screaming good time. We didn't know it was the Return of Halloween Horrors special all of October and the main foyer was crowded. There were long snaking queues for tickets and it was some twenty minutes before we got ours. No matter because while waiting, there was much to look at in the form of ghouls, ghosts and assorted scary fairy tale gone wrong creatures. My favourite was Cinderella who walked around sweet as can be with a bloody gown and her glass slipper embedded into her right temple. That sort of humour. My other favourite was the Tin Man (from The Wizard of Oz) whose red squishy looking heart swung about with only a thread of vein holding it all together.

Also in the main foyer was a Tribal Dance performance. and we were just in time for the fire-eating portion of it. We hovered somewhere round the corner near the front so Sonny-boy could get a good view. He was enthralled. But what really made his eyes pop was seeing Dad being led up on stage as the token guest star of the show. Hubs was very sporting, going along and even adding his own improvisations which drew laughter from the crowd. Sonny-boy was so proud of his Dad. When it was over, we both clapped and cheered enthusiastically.

So that was a good start to the evening.

We boarded our Train of Terror which took us around the various exhibits and ended up with the climatic Gate to Neverland. This was where the fun really began. All manner of scary creatures and displays were scattered along the road. Some stood there, some popped up from no where and went more than boo. Oh, never make eye contact with any of them. I made the mistake of doing that with a butcher who was hacking up a woman on a stone slab. I caught his eye and he ran from across 20m of grass lunging, hand in the air brandishing his chopper making a beeline for me! There was an empty seat next to mine and he hopped onto the tram. I screamed and leapt all over Sonny-boy and Hubs, practically climbing on top of their laps. The other passengers were just as animated and loud. The rest of the ride was just like that and it was good scary fun. For some reason, the last carriage of the tram (where we had the good fortune of sitting) was always a target and that made us a rowdy bunch.

After the ride, with noodles for legs, we went on to the walking trail of The Bridge of No Return. We thought it wouldn't be so bad after the tram ride but no, it had it's own shriek-worthy bits too. I was so high-strung towards the end of the walk that when a fellow visitor accidentally bumped me at the elbow I screamed like a alaughtered pig. Which made her scream too, the poor girl. Then we both stopped, apologized and laughed.

We lingered about the park for a while more nursing our refreshments. I had my bottled water, Sonny-boy his two big scoops of Ben & Jerry's and Hubs a can of Tiger Beer at the hair-raising price of S$12 a pop.

After that, the big people decided it was quite enough and promised the little person we'll come back and do the animal show the next time.

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That was a whole lot of fun. I wouldn't be caught dead there hahhaha. I'll just live it through you. :P
Wouldn't all that screaming disturb the poor animals??? *wink*
SIG, if I had known, I wouldn't either. I've got a liver for a heart. But it was all in the name of fun. Also, I was quite skeptical about how scary a local production could be but this one was as frightening as it gets.
Lotus, all the screaming bits took place a distance away from the animal enclosure. But I'm sure they got an earful from us humans.
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