Nora Corbett's Pixie Couture - Poppy

Friday, January 28, 2011

I've kitted out a Mirabilia design that's just itchin' for some stitchin' but because it's a big undertaking and it's been two years (!) since I did any cross-stitching, I thought it best to rev up the old engine with a smaller project first.

The warm-up piece is a lovely little pattern called Poppy from Nora Corbett's Pixie Couture range. Here she is after a week's work:

This was taken two weeks ago and I've made more progress since then. However, I took a break this week to start on a knitted vest. Now that it's coming into some sort of shape, I've gone back to Poppy. I am totally loving all the shades of red her gown entails.


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Nice! I have received my 3 charts last night and can't wait to work on them. Btw, I have been very diligent with my TTAS :p
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