Keeping It Simple

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sundays are usually the days I make a fancy dinner comprising of three courses. Four, if I'm feeling particularly Johnny-on-the-spot. Last weekend, Johnny was nowhere to be seen. I felt like streamlining things - just the main course and sides. You know how it is, sometimes you just don't feel like cooking, especially when you're in the midst of an interesting cross-stitching project like I am right now.

However, streamlined doesn't mean slip slop. That evening, I grilled some black pepper steaks for the both of us. For the obligatory sides, I made french beans and sweet peas sauteed in garlic butter, brussel sprouts in Hollandaise sauce and potato wedges marinated with Italian herbs and panfried to crispy perfection.

Black Pepper Steak

My son got a dinosaur shaped schnitzel, at which I caught my husband giving it furtive, longing looks. I don't think men ever do grow up. Their toys just get bigger and more expensive and that's about it.

"Mummy, I'm going to eat the head first and then he'll have no head!" - bloodthirsty son

And that was the weekly Sunday Dinner at Cookalot.


The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 4:49 pm

5 calories
What is schnitzel?? Like potatoes?? And I want that steak..bloodthirsty karen.
Hi Karen,

It's meat coated with breadcrumbs. In this case, to get the dinosaur shape, the meat is minced and then shaped. It's cute huh? I got it from the supermarket in Belgium.

Simple?! You call that simple?! *piak my forehead* Simple?? *shaking my head in utter disbelief*
Hmm that's what I do too to keep things simple (wink). No need to mince or grind this or that.

The dinosaur's really cute too. You really put in the effort to please your boy, I must say. I've a bear one in silicon for frying eggs in, but never got round to using it coz too lazy to dig it out.

But out of curiosity, doesn't your Prince eat steak like you and your Hubby? My 3 kids are all crazy about it, they like it really rare like us and with loads of crushed black pepper...
Agnes: Heheheheh.... okay, relatively simple.

Beau Lotus: My son likes steak too but draws the line if it's spicy. And he's got to have his food cooked through an through. Any hint of 'blood' he'll protest.
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