If Age Has Taught Me Anything

Monday, November 16, 2009

So I was stooping, browsing through the lower shelves of the knitting section of Kinokuniya (quite a feat when you are on stilettos) when The Girlfriend comes up and asks me if I could hang on to a book for her as her arms were full from carrying Cutie-Pie who had dosed off following a huge lunch. The Girlfriend, another girlfriend and I had just dined at the Marriott and decided to work some of it off by browsing the shops. I don't know, but I always feel there is something decidedly wicked about Lunching and Shopping on a Monday. Or maybe it's just me.


So I reached out for the book and being female curious, took a cursory glance at the title:

whereupon I did a double-take and if not for perfect balance, would have fell on my hiney too.

"Beat The Bitch? You're reading this?!"

No, no, The Girlfriend quickly protested, it's for so-and-so.

"Oh, her. Ah..."

Just so one is being clear, the so-and-so in question is in her early twenties, married and what little I know from the one and only time I met her - all is well in paradise.


I can only speak for myself which is, what a difference age and life experiences can make. Fifteen years ago, I would have run out in my heels (some things don't change) and bought the very same book for Ms Stimson's tips and ammunition. Not so now. It's not because I've become complacent, far from it in fact, but I've reached the stage in my life where if my man is so easily swayed, then he's not worth keeping in the first place.

You know?

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I agree 100% and told her exactly what you've written, the last sentence specifically. For that amount, I'd rather buy another crochet book :p
Darling, I totally agree with you. Always tell mine that he can stray once my half of the fortune starts looking substantial enough. Well, that is, if I don't stray first.

Meanwhile I see that you are leading the tai tai life. Go baby go.
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