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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today I did a spot of shopping in the Sittard. It was a hit and run affair since the weather has been bad this week with frequent showers throughout the day. It's always days like these I tell myself I really must see to getting a driver's licence. However, my fear of driving supercedes my laziness which means I'm at the mercy of public transport. The upside is since I walk or bike everywhere (for short distances at least), I stay pretty much in shape.


My son has been invited to a birthday party tommorrow and I needed to get the birthday girl a pressie. Instead of the usual toys and games, I opted for girly accessories instead. Where would an eight year old girl with lovely cockscrew curls be without a hair barrette or two?

And every one knows that all little girls (and not so little ones) need a cute bag to hold all her stuff in:

Yes, I believe in starting them young. *heh*

Happy Birthday, Karlijn!


With Karlijn's present picked out, I mosied on to the baby girls' section at H&M. This time, it was for my month-old baby niece. They had such beautiful things; I wanted to buy the entire range. It was tough but in the end, I decided on this little confection:

The Indian cotton fabric is perfect for Singapore's sweltering heat - light and airy. I also love the unusual khaki colour. Oh, and do check out the embroidery on the bodice:

A pretty dress for a pretty baby.


The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 5:41 pm

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