Rapport Dag

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bevorderd/niet bevorderd naar groep ______ .*

The magic words every Dutch parent wants to see on their child's year end report card. Today is Rapport Dag at school and all the kids get their report folders.

My son did pretty well, pulling As and Bs again. I'm very proud of him and also a tad relieved. You see, I've been relaxed about his education so far, taking my cue from the Dutch school system. At Groep 3 (the equivalent to Primary 1 or 1st Grade), they don't get homework. All that needs to be done is done in school. Once in a while I buy him writing books to practice his script since he loves doing it. From time to time, we also go through some English workbooks to keep up with the language and that's about it. For the rest of the time at home, I let him play, with real toys, not just his PSP or PS2, because I'm a firm believer of learning through play. He exercises his imagination and creativity that way.

The other thing I believe in is reading. Our son loves to read, mainly because I was never pushy about it and that it was something we've done from the start. I'm really pleased at how well my son can switch from Dutch to English and vice versa, considering he only started learning Dutch when he was three.


In a nutshell, my son is advancing on to Groep 4 come mid August when school reopens. They do get homework then and I shall have to be a little more stricter with that. Play time is over. For my son, too. *heh*

*Promoted / not promoted to Group _______ .


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Ooooh good stuff. Congrats, Dutchie-boy. :-)

We have school for one more week. Counting down the days!
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