Happy Birthday And The Pink Cake Box

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lekker! is one today.

I can't believe I've been at this for twelve whole months. What's more incredible is this: me huddling over the 'puter trying to figure out HTML all by myself. Just because I wanted My Own Layout and not use the ready made templates from Blogger. For almost five straight days (and nights) I, who struggle with math or anything remotely technical, grappled with the strange jargon, only coming out for air, to shower and to make sure I hadn't starve the family and then disappearing into the bowels of our basement study again. I tell you, I scored some serious geek cred with Hubs, the resident IT guy when I showed him the finished layouts.


Isn't the cake photo in this entry smashing? It's called the Topsy Turvy Cake and I felt like Alice in Wonderland just looking at it. It's exactly the sort of cake I dream of making.

This whimiscal confection is from the Pink Cake Box. Anne Heap (the founder) and Indira Wiegand are the magical hands behind the Pink Cake Box creations. Do check out Ms Heap's blog too. I'm sure you'll agree she's quite the bees' knees in cakedom.


The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 1:02 pm

8 calories
Happy 1st, Lekker! It's a truly lovely blog, I'm all purple about it, but well, too lazy to go fight with the HTML so I'm thankful for ready-made layout. More good years!
Lotus: Merci beaucoup! Vous ĂȘtes trop aimable...

Erm, I hope I made sense and didn't butcher the French language. *blush*
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Dutchess,
Happy Birthday to you!

Your Hub.
Hubby: Awww..... just for that, you get an extra helping of dessert tonight. LOL.
Wow, happy 1st birthday!!! Love your blog!
Oi that SIS Sugar comment was me! Get it? Funan IT HUB and S.I.S Sugar (sugar advert from the 80s - S-I-S all sugar..i love it all the time!)
Rosie: Yeah I got it. Bah! What I didn't get is the SIS Sugar comment. As in didn't recieve it in my comments box. Pray re-type? Do they still sell SIS sugar? So 80s!
Happy 1st B'day, Joyce!! Nice blog!
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