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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My husband sent me out on a mission today - book a holiday for the three of us, departure prefably next Wednesday. I was only too happy to oblige since I've been kind of nagging at him to take a break during the summer. Like other normal people. We haven't had one in five years. During the summer, I mean. We do go away of course but once, just once, I wish we could go during the proper season. It's always his hectic schedule that gets in the way. I'm not complaining of course because its work but you know what I mean.

Something must be said about my husband's complete trust in my taste for, well, almost everything. Except music, I suppose. I'm a closet disco queen and I've got hidden stashes of ABBA, Barry White and various 70s complilation CDs about the house. Shh...

When it comes to travel, I love my creature comforts. I'm not afraid to say it. I absolutely refuse to go camping, a perennial Dutch favourite holiday activity. We'll get a super camper-van my husband would coo. Nah! I would spit back. Any holiday requiring me to cook and clean is not a holiday at all in my book. Give me room service, restaurants, house-keeping, cute little packaged toiletries. By sending me out on my own with full executive power, my husband knows whatever I choose, it'd be fairly comfortable to say the least. And with my inborn Singaporean ability of sniffing out a bargain a mile off, he is also assured our throats will not be slit money wise.

So there we were, at the travel agent. We, meaning my son and I. From now till 13 August or before I go crazy, whichever comes first, he and I are Siamese twins. Joined at the hip or the proverbial umbilical cord. It doesn't really get cut does it?..... Oh well, musings for another day.

After four hours with a very helpful and patient assistant, we are now booked for an 8 day soujourn to Belek, a town along the Turkish Riviera, about 45 minutes from Antalya airport. I'm really proud of myself on this particular one. And relieved too, since it was a last minute booking during peak season. Five star resort on an all inclusive package with all the frills. From 11 - 18 July, we'll be roughing it out (haha) at the Cesars Temple Hotel. * happy dance*


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