Monday, August 13, 2007

We have a new toy - the Nintendo Wii.

The two men have been lusting after one eversince it was released. Every time they hit a toy store, they would look at the shelves of Wii games longingly. My husband, bless his heart, in trying to be a Good Parent ie, not wanting to overindulge his one and only son, has stoically refused to buy the console.

But I know better. Sooner or later he'll crack. Not from the boy but from himself. I can see it in his eyes. A wife knows these things.

To cut a long story short, Hubs bought a set on Friday and to include everyone in on the action, bought three different games. Tiger Woods PGA Tour for him, Need For Speed: Carbon for the boy and, this I had to laugh at - Cooking Mama for yours truly. We've been at it all weekend and our arms are really sore from the physical exertion. I'm not a games person and whatever spare time during the weekends are reserved mostly for stitching. So to tell you that this little white box actually ate into my stitching time....

Wow-wii indeed!


The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 10:48 am

2 calories
Wii is definitely in my to-buy radar. But, the high price is a setback for me. Needs a good excuse to buy it like (praying for) dear son's good exam results....

Cooking mama!!!..I have the Nintendo DS game for it. My daughter and I love to challenge each other. The game kind of grows on you....

You are already doing so much cooking in your daily life....what a game to play!..
I pray your son gets good grades too. *evil grin*

Cooking Mama is evil and I'm completely addicted. Hubs is now complaining that I cook and cook but there's still no food in the house. LOL.

I know.... I cook all day and what do I do in my free time? Play masak masak...
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