I Need To Stop Being Silly

Friday, November 28, 2008

Gmail's gone and given its users the option of theme templates. I've switched mine to Teahouse and adjusted my location to Beijing.

Now it's all very mundane, nothing to whoop about except after two days, I began to realise that the background garden is time sensitive. Let me explain. Say I check my gmail at 7am in the morning. The sun's just risen and everything's still abit dusky. Lo and behold, the sun is just dawning in the garden of the Teahouse template. I check again at noon when it's nice and bright outside, it's also sunny in the garden. At night, I open it again, well, you get the picture.

On top of everything else, the main character, a Mr Fox (very reminiscent of Japanese folklore), goes about his daily business as the day progresses. At dawn he's doing Tai Chi (I kid you not!), during the day he's pottering about the garden doing this and that, having a cup of cha and what not. Just before nightfall, he's out in the garden lighting up the lanterns.

How do I know this? It is with great embarrassment I confess to checking my gmail obsessively throughout the day. Just to see what Mr Fox and his buds are up to! I am stalking a graphic image!

I need a life.

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3 calories
i am gonna stalk gmail too. the fox sounds cute ^^
Ange: It's okay if sweet young girls like you do it. But not at all okay for housewives in their mid 30s to chase computer generated angkong, even if they are very cute!
Mine is the Japanese Ninja. I should check the teahouse thing!
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