Don't Know What I'll Do With It But I Want It All The Same

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saw the above in a magazine I was reading while waiting my turn yesterday. It was a good thing I was alone in the reception area because it just won't do to see a grown lady, made-up and all, drool into a magazine.

This lovely, lovely, lovely clutch purse is actually a laptop! I don't care about all the technical specifics (eh?), but what's making my eyes dilate, my breathing irregular and fingers resembling overcooked spaghetti is the purdy Peony cover design and the deep red keyboard. Red! My favourite colour! If ever there was a lady's laptop, this would be it. I think Vivienne Tam designs beautiful clothing which I admire for its femininity but she's really hit the mark in her collaboration with Hewlett Packard on this one. Maybe it's just me, I have a soft spot for Chinese motifs and design, especially when used in clever, modern ways.

This is a good show-off piece - it would be a sin not to flaunt it. Imagine whipping this nifty little thing out at a chic cafe or anywhere else for that matter. They will stare... I don't know if this mini HP is the bees' knees in terms of technology ( I must ask the resident expert later when he gets home) but for the wow factor, it's right up there.

Again, I want, I lust, but the million dollar question remains on this non-gadget girl's lips ...

Just what will I do with it?


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Joyce, I drool with you ..cant believe that it is a laptop...And counting the days with you till you are back in Spore .....
I think I saw that in the Media Markt but maybe it was just the simple red one. But I'm so cock eye I need big big screen and big big keyboard leh.
jq: It is pretty isn't it?

lotus: I think (think being the operative word here) I can navigate my fingers on a small keyboard but the screen.... sudah lah! I'm as blind as they come. Sometimes I'm already squinting at my MacBook screen, especially when online shopping.
The cover caught my eyes too but when I read more, I found it was a netbook with 10" screen. Have to give up, can't live without 14" or at least 12" screen, lol !
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