Birthday Brunch At The Lighthouse

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

As the stars would have it, the Husband's birthday fell on a Sunday (8 November) which meant we had a wide enough choice of hotel champagne brunches to choose from.

I did some checking (don't you just love the internet?) and finally decided on The Lighthouse at The Fullerton Hotel for its ambience and culinary fare. With a seating capacity of 52, the restaurant is about the size of our living room and has a great view of Marina Bay and the city skyline. Atmosphere is chic, exclusive without being stuffy. The food is Italian fine-dining so do not expect huge portions. For parents with young children, it would also be wise to note that a meal there would take at least two hours so unless your child has been trained or you've brought along superglue to hold Junior in place throughout the period, a better choice would be the Town Restaurant. The chef will also do special orders for kids, something we pleasantly found out when we asked if Sonny-boy could have a plate of tossed pasta in garlic and herbs.

Amusé: Herbed marscapone cheese on slice of toast

Hubs' appetiser: What 24 month old parma ham looks like decked out with parmigiano cheese and shaved celery.

My appetiser: Fancy pants beef carpaccio. I swear the chef used a set square to get the perfect angle.

Hubs' main course: Wagyu Beef Tenderloin with all the trimmings. There was a long chic name for the dish but it eludes me now. The taste was unforgettable though (Hubs cut me a small piece to try).

My main course: Angel hair pasta with braised lobster. The fuzzy topping is, as described in the menu, "lobster foam". Whatever it was, the foam resembled clouds in the sky and the pasta was heavenly.

Hubs' dessert: Molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream laced in liquer. Alot of it.

Oozing chocolate lava. Yum!

My dessert: Stawberries with balsamic reduction and lavender ice-cream.

If you look carefully, you can see lavender in the ice-cream. The aroma left me swooning.

Done in under two minutes. *blush*


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