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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Today's a red letter day for Lekker! as it's one of five random daily featured blogs on The Foodie Blogroll! With a membership of 5981, it feels like I've won the lottery. I've been staring at my Foodie side bar for a good couple of minutes now and I'm sure I'll be doing that some more throughout the day.

Last night's dinner was great. I wore my spaghetti strapped, knee-length, black chiffon dress. It's empire waisted with a bodice of interwoven strips of fabric that hang down from under the bust line. Extremely forgiving on the pear-shaped figure and hides all evidence of a buffet table raid.

Speaking of buffets, the dinner at Oscar's had oysters. Not one, not two, not even three but ten, mind you, TEN varieties! Who knew there were so many types to be had? I stopped at five before waving the proverbial white flag. My tummy - even if the way I eat contradicts the fact - is not a bottomless pit. There were other goodies to be sampled and I had to make room for them. The buffet selection was not mind boggling but the fare was very good. Also excellent were the waiters and waitresses. They were johnny-on-the-spot and very friendly. As we were waiting for our bill, one of the waiters informed us of their Sunday Amazing Graze Champagne Brunch. For some reason, I began to envision cows milling around the restaurant, chewing their cud.


And, speaking of champagne brunches, we did one of those last Sunday. At the Raffles Hotel, no less. That was seriously posh nosh. Maybe the person who buys the ingredients (I'm sure there's a proper name for it, I just don't know what) is in with the local lobster supplier because a good part of the buffet had lobster in one form or the other. There was a seafood bisque, lobster ravioli, lobster tartare salad thingamajig and my personal favourite, steamed Maine lobster in all its shelled and clawed glory.

Then there was the foie gras station. I went twice. So did Hubs. The guy at the next table had six, two each trip. I don't blame him. It was pan fried upon request and served with sauteed apple and passion fruit.

Dessert was fantastic. They've revamped the selection and as luck would have it, the patisserie chef was there fussing over his exquisite little creations. After complimenting him on the spread, I picked his brains on how certain confections were made. One could see he was passionate about his work. He was not the only chef I harassed that morning. There was Chef Foie Gras (I must try and see if I can recreate the sauteed apple and passion fruit) and Chef Smoked Salmon Atop Buckwheat Pancake with Lobster Bisque. Eagle-eyed Big Boss Chef was there too, overseeing everything like a general. Every time he approached a station, one could almost see the chef in charge quiver. Not unlike the way I felt when Mrs. Aw, my primary school principal, walked imperiously towards my direction. Or one of the nuns for that matter. I was educated in a convent you see, and up to now, a sighting of one still strikes terror to the heart.

So yes, that was a pleasant Sunday with Hubs drinking champagne for two and me eating for the three of us. Sonny-boy is hopeless when it comes to buffets. Ice-cream and chocolate fountains notwithstanding, he eats like a rat. But we love him to bits anyway.

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Wow, that champagne brunch sounds so good!

Congrats on being featured on the 5 random blogs!!!
Congrats on being featured!

Meanwhile, that Raffles Hotel buffet sounded divine. Oysters I can live without (but Hub would be ecstatic), but foie gras, and pan-fried to boot! Oh my oh my...
Oh, and the lobsters!!!!!!!!

Why am I stuck here?
You are now officially the authority on champagne brunches in Singapore. Can't wait to try them out.
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