Birthday Presents For The Husband

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Cookalot family tradition: Birthday boy or girl wears this hat throughout the day. At home of course. We are fun-loving people, not crazy.

Now that Sonny-boy is a manly nine going on ten year old, he, with some gentle prodding from me, decided he would buy Dad a birthday present. After some brainstorming, it was off to the nearest Build-A-Bear Workshop. Presenting our latest family member:


How cool is that?

Hubs is a Harley Davidson fan (wants the bike someday) so Sonny-boy decked the chosen bear with all things Harley. From the t-shirt, leather jacket, chaps and bandanna right down to the shades. He even picked a pair of jeans similar to one of Dad's. And then there are the lace up shoes! It's got spikes at the bottom of the soles. Too cute! But cuteness comes at a price so Mum had to chip in half and even then, Sonny-boy felt the pinch. Which is good, because he had to forgo a toy he had been saving up for to buy Dad his present. And he got christening rights to the bear, too.

As for me, I bought Hubs a set of Ping Rapture irons for his birthday. It has to be custom-fitted in the US and takes about four weeks to arrive so with any luck, he should get it either this week or the next. While waiting for them, Hubs has gone and bought himself a putter, driver, hybrid something or other and a pitching wedge.

I think someone had a good birthday this year.


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Very hot bear. I've always wanted leather pants but never managed to squeeze into one. Hub said to please spare the world...

Anyway, did you have to pay custom duties when the clubs arrived from the US? Here in Italy we would have been taxed to death so I never buy anything from outside the EU.
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