Monday, December 18, 2006

Now that Karen and I have both received each other's presents, I can write about it here. :)

This is what I got her:

Earlier this year, we were both oogling at some kitchen equipment on an Australian website. The graters caught our eyes but it's just one of those things you wouldn't actually splurge on yourself. Well, I would but that's a different story...

I found them by accident at the Bijenkorf on one of my sourjourns to Maastricht and grabbed one. It just had K-A-R-E-N all over it. She received them last week and was both surprised and very pleased. I gently reminded her to use it. Actually, my exact words were,"Oy, you have to use it okay?!"

And last Friday, the postman delivered her gift to me:

How precious is that?????!!!! Barbie shoes on a revolving - yes, it actually rotates - shoe stand. Somebody pinch me! Here are more close-ups:

I'm going to put this up every Christmas! Here is its new home, presiding over my cross stitched stockings:

As a fellow cross-stitcher, she also made me this. I am overwhelmed. Truly I am.

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Oh my! The graters look so lovely! And the barbie shoes are oh-so dainty!
I'm so so so glad you love it. When I first saw it on Martha Stewart's Living mag, I knew its the perfect present for the duchess.
As for Nana, she is currently standing prettily next to my Whittard coffee bean grinder. Lol.
Wow, Joyce, the graters look so lovely! and Karen, that's really the perfect gift for Joyce... it matches her very well *lol*
Angie: I'm getting one of those for myself too - a red one to match my kitchen.

Karen: MUST use!!!!!

Jestina: Yes, Karen knows me so well. LOL. Even MIL was admiring it.
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