Christmas Eve

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The 3 of us did a raclette grill for our Christmas Eve dinner last year. We bought exotic game meat - I know, I know, not again! Can you tell our family loves game? *heh*

It was very cosy, huddling over the hot plate, cooking our own food in little pans, watching it drizzle outside. And with Christmas music in the background.... lovely!

Here's the list of meats we had: impala, kangaroo, springbok and because it was Christmas - reindeer. I also made some meatballs as an add on. To accompany the meats, I put out an assortment of vegetables, mushrooms and cheese for melting.

Here are the rest of the photos:


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Hi Joyce

Oooooooo! The pics look like those from a home decor magazine. Really nice and homely and so chrismassy!!!..... YOu really must have put in lots of efforts ...
Thanks Joyce! I try my best. :P
Hi Joyce,

lovely setting and presentation! u even labelled those meat dishes, wow!
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