Mother's Day

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Just about every blogging mum on this planet have posted photos of their Mother's Day gifts. And since I'm one of them, you'll just have to bear with this entry.

However, the difference here is that I don't buy this whole Mother's Day thing. To me, Mother's Day (and Father's Day) is right down there with Valentine's Day. It's just utter rubbish. Why would I want someone to give me a designated day to show or receive appreciation by the people I love and love me back? With my husband and son showing me affection spontaneously on a regular basis, Mother's Day is redundant in our household.

And it's always been like that, ever since I became a mum. I was the one who vetoed celebrating it. However, what we might do occasionally is go out for a meal or I make something special at home. But then, it's just another excuse for us to eat. *ha ha*

Of course I don't mind it if other families make a big show out of the occasion. To each their own and all that. Unless we're talking about birthdays and wedding anniversaries - then it's big business here in Cookalot.

And I also don't mind it at all when my son presents me with gifts he made at school for Mother's Day. This year, I got this:

A written poem.

My son freaks me out with his neat cursive handwriting. I don't remember possessing such a tidy hand when I was seven. I still don't.

And this:

Hand-made soap, and it smells good too! I can't believe my son made this in school.

And this just about sums it all up:

"...but most of all, I love you still!" From Robin.


The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 9:19 pm

5 calories
We don't usually celebrate most occasions come to think of it. If schools didn't make the kids prepare gifts for their mothers, I probably won't ever have any.

Which was why I said before that if I wanted a gift I would have to take care of it myself:-).

And certainly I agree with you about showing affection spontaneously on a regular basis - be it a thought, a gesture or a present (grin).

I envy you for Robin's handwriting, my eldest keeps losing marks in his exams because nobody could understand what he had written...
*teary eyes* so touching, esp the last verse. Gosh, his cursive writing is perfect!
Mothers Day is redundant?!
no oppertunity that includes Gifts For Me can me amde redundant.

In fact, I'd love to se a constitional change naming one of the days of the week after me. you know, Monday, Tuesday, Francine, thursdauy...


And I can't believe you made a peking duck. Even thought it came from a store. I very much need to try that.
Oh wow....your son's handwriting is really neat and nice for a 7-year-old....really well-trained :-)
Thanks ladies!

My son's handwriting is frighteningly neat isn't it? As a tot, he used to colour super neat too and would freak out if he accidentally coloured out of line. I had to show him it was okay for that to happen.

Both poem and soap have been tucked away safely for posterity. :)
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