Birthday Come Early

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My birthday won't be for a month yet but today, I received not one, but two birthday surprises through the mail. *happy dance*

First up was a package from I was completely flummoxed as I didn't remember making any recent purchases. So I assumed it was for the husband but nope, my name was right there on the box. My heart very almost stopped when I found these two gems inside:

A sudden burst of adrenalin and blood rushed through my head which made me rather dizzy. Somehow, I recovered enough to look at the billing list and saw that it was from Karen. Ack! It was the birthday present she told me to look out for. My dear girl, I love you! The two books have been in my shopping cart forever. I just never got round to clicking the 'buy now' button. Thank you, thank you!

Still reeling from the morning's gift, this came in the afternoon post:

A birthday card from my younger sister, her husband and their soon-to-be born baby niece. I had to smile because she knows me too well. These are exactly the kind of shoes I would wear and knowing how I like sparkly things, the shoe even has a bit of glitter on it. Thanks Rosie, James and soon-to-be born Isabelle. The card is sitting prettily here:

On the kitchen ledge, next to my pig photo above the art gallery.


The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 11:14 pm

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