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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Disneyland was great fun even though the refreshments were horribly overpriced. I can still hear my husband grumbling about having to cough up 3.50 euros for a small cup of beer served in a plastic cup. And me being me, told him, "Hey, you missed a drop there!" when he put his empty cup down.

Honestly, everything was expensive there but to a certain extent, I suppose it's justified because it really is a very well put together theme park. Everything was so slickly done. The entertainment might be child's play but the money was most certainly adult.

So, after being bled out dry (we didn't drive to Versailles after all opting to visit Walt Disney Studios instead), I've had no choice but to put soup and bread on the dinner table for the last 2 days.


The real reason behind this very modest dinner is because I, no, we over indulged ourselves at the hotel buffet dinner. Okay, I was we were pigs. Absolute pigs. The food was suprisingly good. I mean, by default, there's no such thing as a bad meal in France, provided you step into a local establishment. But you never know with hotel buffets do you? The first night was basically an Italian spread, the next, French. I went quite mad on the second night because they had all sorts of shell fish and molluscs in the cold starter section. Among the selection were periwinkle sea snails. Mon Dieu! I was in snail heaven. I'm not sure of the shell count but I'm sure I had nine of them babies. At least.


Excuse me while I go have my soup now.

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Hi! Good to see you back!
Ah, plateau de fruits de mer - very French.

Was the buffet in one of the Disney hotels? I love buffets.
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