Table For Two, Please

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mother-in-law's unexpected offer to take our son for the day after school left us with the afternoon off. My husband, who was working from home today, asked if he could buy me lunch at our favourite Brasserie Goya. Hellooo! Is the sky blue? Do the Dutch love their mayonaise? Of course he could buy me lunch!

Brasserie Goya is situated on the ground floor of the Corio Center, a shopping mall in Heerlen. It's named after the famous painter and is modern and chic. The food is excellent and well-presented. With good service and a reasonably priced menu, you can forget about getting a table during peak hours. And we are talking about a two-storey establishment here.

Today I had the Croque Corio while my husband picked the Satay set-meal. Sorry, I don't have photos - I find it so embarrassing photographing food in public - but I will try to describe what we had. Croque Corio is a grilled open sandwich of onions, leek, salami, egg and loads of cheese serve with a small salad. My husband's Satay was a large metal skewer of grilled meat, dressed with a generous helping of peanut sauce. On the side, he had a salad of achar and keropok, both of which I sneaked on my plate from time to time and when he was on the phone making a business call and not paying attention.

And what else did we do that afternoon? Well, after lunch we went home whereby my husband continued working while I went to bed for a two hour beauty nap. Ah... bliss!

Now, that's the way to do it.


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