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Sunday, April 29, 2007

If any day was Family Day, today was it.

First up, we all had a sleep-in till almost 10am, yes, even the boy, who has a tendency to wake up at 7.30am on weekends but miraculously fail to get up at said time on a school morning. The mysteries of life.

Upon waking up, my husband proceeded to mow the lawn in the garden while I tended to the laundry and ironing. Our son tended to his PSP - Daddy bought him a new game yesterday, the one he's been hankering for forever. Two months is forever in a seven year old's life.

With ironing done, I proceeded to make a late brunch, English breakfast style. It wasn't entirely English since I left out the sausages and threw in some croissants.

Usually I make the croissants from scratch but since I've been there and done that croissant wise (or anything else for that matter), decided there was nothing to prove and popped in some pre-made frozen ones from the Delifrance label instead. I chanced upon them by accident at the supermarket and thought I'd test its quality. 'Made from pure butter' the label extolled. Okay, we'll soon see, won't we? It turned out rather good - crisp and flakey on the outside, soft and buttery on the inside. Mental note to self: This goes on the regular to-buy grocery list.

I also fried up some rashers of bacon, and a couple of eggs sunny side up. And of course, there was baked beans. Breakfast was eaten standing around our open bar counter in the kitchen. Very casual and relaxed, the way a Sunday morning should be.

I'm not a breakfast person and can't bear to see food in the morning. However, not wanting to spoil the mood, I had a piece of toast, croissant and some yoghurt instead. None of that greasy stuff my husband and son were scoffing down. I could feel my hips grow an inch just by watching them eat.

After brunch, my husband pulled out the deck of Uno cards and we all congregated at the patio table for a couple of rounds. Everyone won a game (or two). I remember playing Uno when I was around my son's age and now he's playing it with me. Talk about coming a full circle.

My husband and son then took turns at the PSP while I mosied around the garden, sniffing at the jasmine blooms. I cut a couple of stalks for the kitchen and living room. For the kitchen, I stuck a single stalk into a drinking cup as I wanted the careless, rustic look. For the living room, I put a bit more thought into it. I divided the stalk into tiny blossoms and floated them in a gold laquered bowl filled with water. It's on the coffee table now and gives off an incredible scent if you're in the vincinity.

At around 4pm, we went for a bike ride around the countryside. My husband chose one of the most hilly routes of Limburg. *ack!* At one point, the incline was so steep, I went on strike. I hopped off my bike and walked all the way up to the top and then got on my bike again. So did my son. It's not like we're in training or anything like that. As if to distract us from our exertions, we were treated to the most glorious view of fields, tilled land and assorted cows and horses. The sky was amazingly blue and clear. We were also treated to the most amazing stench of animal manure, something which my sensitive nose found most disagreeable.

The bike ride lasted for almost 3 hours during which we passed through a few villages. On the last leg of the journey, we made a pit stop by a small cafe in an even smaller village. Bottled water never tasted so good. We rested for about 30 minutes and then cycled homewards.

We ended the day differently. Some of us played with our PSP (yet again!), some of us watched soccer throughout the evening and some of us had a long, hot shower (to ease muscles I forgot I'd possessed until now) followed by a few hours of stitching.

Altogether a beautiful end to the week. I hope you all had a lovely Sunday, too.

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The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 10:59 pm

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I can never get the bacon to turn out tat way. So my
alternative is to roll them over the hot dogs and "grill" it in the oven toaster.

Speaking of which, I made tat for May Day's breakfast. Will post the pics ... sooner or later ie. LOL!!!!
I agree with you on the veni vidi vici thing, you've been there and done it, no need to prove any more, so you have the right to take a few short cuts now and then.

Like hubby would harp about how easy it is to make puff pastry and I would tell him I've spent years doing it so I am in the know - but nowadays they have pretty good pre-made pre-rolled out ones out there, so why bother to strain the fingers?

Eh you very sportif ah? Wah lau 3-H bike tour. My muscles are aching just reading about it.
Agnes, you want to make sure your bacon rashers are super thin. The thick ones don't have the same effect.

Beau Lotus, once upon a time, pre-made stuff were really not up to par, so it made sense to go homemade. However I find some of the ready to use items rather good so like you say, why bother to strain the fingers. Also, the time can be better spent elsewhere.

Me, sportive? No way. I do exercise on a regular basis (taebo, weights, recently pilates) but I'm not athletically inclined. I only like swimming, cycling and bowling. Notice these are not really team sports and don't require me to run after balls or break out in too much of a sweat? Hahaha.
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