Thursday, June 28, 2007

If ever there was a contest for producing a gift out of nowhere, all wrapped up and ready to go in under a quarter of an hour, I would win hands down.

You see, for some reason, I kept thinking that Meester-Juffendag (Teacher's Day) was tommorrow, a Friday. I was planning on buying boxes of fancy-pants chocolates later today for my son's two wonderful form teachers.

So you can imagine my horror this morning when I casually glanced at the school calender taped on the kitchen notice board and realised that Teacher's Day was TODAY! *Acccck!!!*

This epiphany of course had to hit me just fifteen minutes prior to us leaving for school. *Double acccck!*

With some very quick thinking and even faster hand and leg work, I found these:

100% fat free bon bon

It's chocolate all right. Chocolate candles that is. I'd been saving these up for a display on the coffee table. My heart ached, I was in two minds. I mean, these are really cute candles. However, I was plenty desperate. As luck would have it, I had six assorted candles. Perfect! Three each, then. Some clear cellophane, paper doilies, oodles of ribbons and homemade gift tags later, two dainty little packages were born, as if it was the plan all along. My son loved it and so did his teachers.


Mental note to self: Read the damn calendar properly next time and let's see if we can find those candles on our next shopping trip again, shall we?


The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 3:42 pm

1 calories
I gave chocolates too to 9 teachers. Though the battle was to keep them away from the babies (great chocolate eaters) and to make sure that the movers not pack them and move them to Italy before I could offer them to the teachers!
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