Birthday Presents

Monday, June 11, 2007

What's a birthday without presents, right?

I had a good haul this year, thanks to my husband, son and Karen.

First up, my best friend Karen. Her present came in not one, not two but three installations. Yikes! First there were the two books from Amazon. A few weeks later, a care package arrives, full of Japanese products and my much missed preserved ginger. And with impeccable timing, this arrives on the eve of my birthday:

A handmade felt cupcake! How utterly delicious is that? It's already gone into my sewing cupboard ready to be used as a pin cushion. Did I also tell you it was meticulously hand sewn by Karen herself? Down to the last bead seed and cream frosting. She and I are quite mad for felt food right now and to receive this from her is a real treat.

My son is going to get me a teapot. I say going to because the particular pot I'm eyeing at is out of stock. It's a transparent teapot cum filter for these special Numi flowering tea blooms. I'm really looking forward to adding that to my collection. I do not wish to order it online as I'm afraid it might arrive in a million little fragments so for the moment, I have to wait.

And of course, I'm saving the best for last. On top of naming a star after me, my dear husband bought me these lovelies:

I love pearls and to have my birthstone set with citrine and peridot - how special, made even better because it's from my husband himself.

Thank you for making my birthday extra memorable this year with such thoughtful gifts. I'm so grateful for having all three of you in my life.


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