Henny Penny, The Sky Is Falling!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

So not quite the sky but a curtain railing comes close to it.

Imagine my shock when Sonny-boy and I were seated at lunch and the entire curtain railing in the dining area collapsed. There was hardly any noise as most of the fall was absorbed by the drapes. This made the situation even more surreal as I witnessed it in real time.

Needless to say I was seeing-stars-and-every-single-colour-of-the-rainbow angry. This is the latest episode of Things That Can Go Wrong And Will drama regarding this apartment. What makes it even more aggravating is the apartment in question is a brand new unit in a luxury compound. Everything which has the ability to fall off, chip off, leak, break, flood has already done so. Thank goodness it's leased by the company and not our own.

Kudos to The Girlfriend and Hubs for patiently listening to me go berserk. In one of her attempts to mollify me, The Girlfriend pointed out that after all things considered, the apartment is able to withstand an earthquake and my temper. The earthquake being the recent Sichuan disaster and my temper, well, I am known to slam doors when provoked. I have since slammed a door or two here and miraculously, the door remains intact save for the little mound of fallen plaster just below the door post after each outburst.


Sonny-boy had a case of the giggles as he listened to Mum break out in a tirade over the phone with Dad on the receiving end. Rants like "things only look good but the quality is rubbish", "they build so fast blah blah blah ... the workmanship is rubbish" "What next? The ceiling?!!!!" "Hell! This property is a joint venture between Capitaland and a local company! Where is the Singaporean standard of quality control?!"

This went on for a couple of minutes. Nine years of marriage has taught Hubs to just sit out my wrath as one would a typhoon or hurricane. And like a storm, it played itself out and I was calm again. Or as calm as anyone can be given the circumstances.

Later in the afternoon, Sonny-boy who, like all other kids, have sponges for brains, posed me a question:

"Mummy, if all the buildings here are built so fast and only look good but break down, does that mean the Bird's Nest will collapse, too?"

Good God, I hope not.

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The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 7:02 am

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Funny thing is I did sometimes wonder how your new bldg is standing. Though it, like you said, being part Singaporean I would expect it to do better.

On the bright side, if you didn't like the decor or have gotten tired of it, this would be a good time to have it redone :-).
This place is leased and we're here till next summer so I just close both eyes and try not to go crazy when the next part of the apartment falls apart.
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