10 Years, 2 Rings, 1 Cuff

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's our 10th wedding anniversary today.

I could wax lyrical about how wonderful Hubs is but I shan't. The fact we're now at double digit celebrations and still having fun is testimony enough.

I'll tell you about how we marked the occasion though. Thanks to perfect timing, our recent sojourn to Singapore became our anniversary trip. We had a fantastic time, Sonny-boy included. We visited new places, caught up with family and friends and made our credit cards beg for mercy.

And we bought our anniversary presents in Singapore. For the modern 10th anniversary gift, it's tin or aluminum, for the traditional, it's diamonds. No prizes for guessing what my heart was set on.

Initially I had wanted to buy a new set of golf clubs for Hubs but he vetoed the idea. Anxious days on my side ensued. Finally, amidst some protesting, I pulled him into the Tiffany store at the Raffles Hotel where we had just finished our lunch. We are not coming out empty handed I swore.

And we didn't.

We both rather liked the atlas cuff but in the end, decided this was more in keeping with Hubs' style:

Tiffany 1837 titanium and sterling silver cuff.

Mine was a no brainer. It would be a diamond ring but not from Tiffany. We still needed our house to go back to during the summer. No, we scouted around and found this jewelry store in Suntec City which carried many modern yet feminine designs. However, more than an hour had passed and I still couldn't make up my mind. I had narrowed the choices down to two and it was so hard to decide. Even King Solomon himself would have had difficulty. They were that pretty - to me anyhow. As the nice lady who was attending to us puts it, "One is wow, that's an unusual ring, the other is wow, she is being pampered."

I liked the idea of both. Argh.

Anyway, Hubs, in all his infinite wisdom and generosity said let's take the two. The eyes of both the sales lady and mine lit up, but for very different reasons.

So here I am, the proud owner of two rings, here and here.

Happy Anniversary my dear husband.




The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 10:48 am

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Congratulations Dutchess !!
Both rings & the cuff look amazing. Perfect for the occasion.

Anyway, I haven't been around the blogs for a while & I'm sorry I missed you when you were in Singapore.

We should try to get together when you're next in town. I would have settled down by then.
More treasure? LOL

I have to mention this to Hub. In the same situation, he would go, "if you can't decide, you don't want it..." (!!!)

Nice designs, I can see why you couldn't decide, like me, you want the fat solitaire and also the charming little lights...:-)

petite fleur: Thanks! Yes, we should try and meet up the next time we are in town.

beau lotus: Haha, more treasure, as you put it.

Could you see my predicament?

If I can't decide, it means I want both which is sometimes not possible, I know.
The rings are stunning! Can you share the name of the store?
Hi Liv,

The name of the store is Lavaliere and is located on the ground floor near the convention entrance. Look for Florence, she's nice.
Happy anniversary. :)
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