The Spirit Is Willing...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So I got all kitted up in my workout gear this morning. The grand plan was to attend a 10am Chisel session at the gym located within our compound.

Well, it's 10.20am right now and I never got past our front door. All is not lost though. As I make this entry, I'm exercising my mouth with a lemon puff biscuit which will be followed up by a thick slice of swiss roll. To make sure I really feel the swiss roll action, extra boysenberry jam will be added. I will then cool down and stretch out with a calming cup of sencha (japanese green tea).

I like my workout better.


The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 4:19 am

4 calories
I know, this morning, on the bus, I saw on mobiletv, this yoga teacher demonstrating yoga moves. At that instant, I was adament about joining the gym's yoga session, erm, but once my big bum settled on my office chair, (sings) all is forgotten. Lol
it's all about interest, and some company might help motivate the both of u :D
You sound just like me the whole of...every week since x'mas.

The spirit is willing but alas the flesh is weak. But certainly not the jaws nor the stomach.
It happens to me too from time to time. Alarm set and bag packed the night before, even waked up earlier than I suppose to be, ended up I sit in couch, having my oatmeals and coffee. Maybe I don't need workout so urgently till I saw my 'bao bao face' from mirror, then I really stright up, LOL ! But if I was hooked to any class or any teacher, I don't care whether it's sunny or rainy.
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