Christmas Wish List

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

For Christmas, Sonny-boy would like, in no particular order, the following gifts:

  • lava lamp
  • toilet plunger (don't ask - your guess is as good as mine)
  • chair with features (mummy, I could live in it forever!)

We were stumped over the "chair with features". After some prodding, it turned out to be this.

How apt that it should be called uDream.

So what's on your kids' wish list this year?


The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 11:43 am

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Hi Joyce, have not been visiting your blog for a long time.

Your dear son is so interesting - toilet plunger?!?!!! Hahaha! Boys will be boys. I bought my dd a lava lamp last year and after switching on like twice, it has now retired in the dark corner in her room...
I knew straight away he wanted an Osim :-)

Hub has a lava lamp, I've seen him use it maybe 5 times in 10 years.

This year I'm not asking anybody what they want. They are all going to get books and DVDs. It's the crisis.
When I clicked on the "chair with features", I was stunned. I wonder what makes him want that?

and a toilet plunger???? cute.
Have an award for you... come claim it. My girl has no wish for anything this Christmas... maybe money to save up for a piano?
Funny! Alison asked for a lava lamp for Christmas too. :)
I don't have boys so I find this list very intriguing. My 5 year old not surprisingly just wants anything Barbie....
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