D-Day: Operation Easter Brunch

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Coloured hardboiled eggs all ready to be eaten.

First and foremost, we had great weather today. It was sunny and relatively warm, almost 20oC. Fantastic! That meant everyone could eat out in the patio and the kids could go beserk in the backyard. And ahem, I could wear my black dress from the Madonna Collection at H&M.

The coffee table.

As previously mentioned I came up with a fusion menu instead of traditional European fare. I had tapas (which I learnt from the tapas bars whilst holidaying in Spain earlier this year), a Greek meatball stew, Kyoto spareribs and a selection of sides.

First up, the tapas:

Fried egg with Serano ham on sliced Ciabatta.

Anchovy with mozzarella and tomato on sliced Baguette.

Argentine beef kebabs on sliced Ciabatta.

Thai chicken kebabs on sliced Ciabatta. I used lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves for this.

Here's my private joke: The Duchess Potatoes. *Haha* Duchess, Dutchess, get it? I couldn't resist sneaking them in on the table. Sort of my own Da Vinci code symbol thingy. Anyway, these are dead easy to make. Just cream some boiled potatoes to a soft fluffy consistency, pipe them out into fancy pants rosettes and then bake till golden brown.

This is duck pate with truffle and champagne terrine. No, I didn't make it myself. Rather, I bought it myself. (Oh dear, I'm being very silly this evening. It must be the fatigue speaking.)

Here's another store bought item which all the in-laws thought I made too. Butter in the form of a lamb. I don't know whether to feel complimented or be worried when my guests start to think I sculpt the bread butter. *Mental note to self: Must ponder on this abit.*

The following are more overview photos:

Not pictured here are the mini croissants, both plain and sausage filled I made specially for the kids. However, the men were gobbling them down like crazy and I had to literally beat them off, saying those were for the children.

Also not shown is dessert of strawberries in vanilla flavoured whipped cream in a wafer bowl. A pity but there's always the next time.

After the food, came the Easter Egg Hunt, followed by the Egg and Spoon Race. It was hilarious seeing the kids in action. They were so dead serious.

A good time was had by all 5 families today and as hostess, I was extremely pleased. I was also more than pleased or should I say relieved to kick off my 4" peeptoe heels when the last in-law went home at 8pm. Yes, I know I have a death wish, cooking and freqeuntly going down to and up from the cellar on high heels.

Tommorrow, being a public holiday, I just want to collapse and do nothing. If it's not microwavable, we're not eating it for I'm going nowhere near the stove and that, is a promise.

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wow wow... a good spread of yummilicious food for Easter! The colored easter eggs are so pretty. How did you color them so nicely?? Btw, love the way you display your food.
God, the effort you've put in...

Those eggs were a work of art.

Btw when are you going to pamper your readers with your jingdu spareribs recipe?

And I guess that you have the job of organising the Easter gathering from now on?

Did you get the black Madonna dress with the plunging neckline? And what sort of heels did you wear with them?
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