Thursday, April 12, 2007

I took a trip down to Maastricht today to collect my necklace. And here it is, in all her pearlescent glory.....

I'm not a professional photographer so I guess I've killed the beauty of it abit. However, do believe me when I tell you it looks at least a hundred times better in real life.

Another futile attempt at a photo. I guess that's why good professional photographers pull in money by the heapfuls.

Again, so much better than an iPod, don't you think?


The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 2:58 pm

2 calories
Now that's a beauty. And you are one lucky girl. How come my Hubby almost never remembers our wedding anniversary?

Are those 6-7mm pearls?

I am waiting for the day when I can have a string of Akoya pearls. But I think can wait long long.
Thanks beau lotus. Anniversaries and birthdays are big events in this household.

Your eyes are so sharp - they are indeed 6mm pearls. :)
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