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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Oswald Orange Has Meltdown, Refuses To Give Juice
by: The Dutchess, ChannelNews Cookalot

KINGDOM OF COOKALOT: The people of Cookalot went without their orange juice this morning when Oswald, the resident orange refused to "give it up", followed by what was described later as a meltdown.

"The Dutchess was about to juice Wally as usual when he suddenly jumped out of her hands and went beserk." said Molly Mango, a close friend. "He started bouncing up and down the counter top yelling,"No more, 'ya hear? No more!". I don't understand it. He's always up for a laugh and a squeeze or two. That is not the Wally I know this morning."

An inquiry has been set up to investigate the case. Meanwhile, Oswald Orange has been warded into the fruit compartment of the refrigerator. Reports say he is recuperating and doing well.

Special thanks to Alice for the news tip.


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