(Almost) Hot Off The Press

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Last Saturday, I bought the latest issues of GoodFood and Olive. Now, I haven't really gone through each and every single page yet. However, based on my quick flipping of the pages, I think I'm going to love this month's issues.

There are lots of summer recipes. This translates to light meals for outdoors, salads, sorbets, ice creams and cakes using the summer harvests of berries and vegetables.

I can hardly wait to try my hand out at the blueberry cheese cake. Also on the to-do list is a strawberry tart from Gordan Ramsay. With a step-by-step pictorial guide, I can't see how it can fail. It looks easy enough. Besides, I won't have Mr Ramsay's eagle eyes on me, spewing out the F-word like a fizzy drink if I make a mistake.

So if you can, do lay your hands on the mags. They are really worth it.


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Woah!!! And Kino is having 20% off for members this weekend, guess who is rushing there :p
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