Hae Mee

Friday, May 22, 2009

No long worded entries today. Just two photos of Hae Mee (Prawn Noodle Soup) I whipped up on Monday this week.

We are coming close to the end of our sentence stay here in Beijing and I wanted to clear out the freezer by cooking whatever could be used. I found a big bag of prawns, defrosted the whole lot and together with some pork ribs, made the stock for Hae Mee.

No one would touch the stuff (someone didn't feel like soupy noodles while the other declared it stank) so I ate it all by my lonesome for two straight days, both lunch and dinner.

Can't see Hae Mee for three months now.

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The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 4:21 am

3 calories
Gorgeous yummy hae mee.... have you shared the recipe before or closely guarded family recipe? ;)
Oh my....That looks so good. It's late at night now & I'm hankering for a bowl of hae mee....Look what you started.
Those 2 didn't now what they were missing, man...
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