Of Friendship And Laksa

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Laksa dinner tasted extra delish last night. Oh yes it did. And all because of friendship.

Hear me out, I'm going somewhere with this.

On board our flight back to Beijing from Singapore, Hubs lamented how he never got to partake of his favourite bowl of Laksa. Ten days of frenzied sightseeing, shopping and eating and somehow, the humble gravy noodle dish slipped past our taste buds. For shame!

I casually mentioned this to The Girlfriend on one of our morning conversations and promptly forgot all about it. But did she forget? No m'am. She went and sent me a Prima Taste Laksa Spice pack the very next day as a surprise. This made me fuzzy all over when I received it last week.

We couldn't wait any longer so I made Laksa yesterday evening. As luck would have it, I even managed to buy all the ingredients needed so it really was meant to be. You know how it is. Your heart is set on a certain dish but when you do the shopping, the store is out of this, that or the other. Utter frustration, you can imagine.


Hubs tucked into his bowl heartily (so nice to see your other half enjoy your cooking) and got his Laksa fix. I attacked mine too and while chewing on a piece of taupok not unlike a cow chewing its cud, couldn't help but think what a wonderful soul The Girlfriend was. She truly is a dear friend.

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