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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Star Wars Saga

I love Star Wars. I really do. People do a double take when I tell them I'm a fan and that I've seen each and every of the six episodes countless times. You don't look the type, they say. Well, now you know.

Thia is my favourite character of the saga:

When 900 years you reach, look as good, you will not. --- Yoda

Master Jedi Yoda

I like him SO MUCH!!! True, he's green, wrinkled, has sticking out pointy ears, stands at 0.66m and is 900 years old. However, he's really nifty with the lightsaber as demonstrated in Episode 3, the one where he fights Lord Sidious. Then, there's the way he speaks - supposedly in English but with grammar as alien as he is. Be still my heart!

Imagine my happiness then, when I discover the movie channel would be airing back to back episodes all afternoon. My husband and son, together with Father In Law, would be driving to Valkenberg to catch the cycling race live which meant I had a whole afternoon to myself. Star Wars here I come!

After a few hours, I started getting square eyes from all that SFX (geek speak for special effects). I also realised that both father and son were running late and we were supposed to be doing a barbecue for dinner. I gave my husband a call and after the pleasantries I got straight to the point:

Me: Late you are. Hungry I am.
Husband: Have you been watching Star Wars again?

Who's your Jedi Master? WHO?

Lay off the saga for a while I must or into the Green One I will morph.

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I know, love him I do too. So cute he is.
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