Stir Fried Ginger Rice

Thursday, April 19, 2007

When I'm tired of cooking the usual Chinese Fried Rice, I turn and reach for my Ginger Rice recipe. It's rather bland save for that bit of bite and flavour from the shredded ginger. This makes it the perfect accompaniment for savoury main dishes like say, Claypot Black Pepper Beef.

It's really easy to make and if you can, use overnight cooked rice. First you scramble some eggs and set aside. Next, fry up some chopped garlic and shredded ginger until fragrant. Next you throw in the rice and stir fry for awhile. Season to taste with salt and soya sauce (optional). Toss in the scrambled eggs from before and fry for a few more minutes, mixing everything well. Serve hot.

Incidentally, this is also post-natal fare for the Chinese woman who's just given birth and observing the custom called the one month confinement period. Something about the ginger having nutritional value and what not. As with most Chinese customs and practices, there's a lengthy explanation attached to it but I won't dissect this particular one because

i) I'm not an expert; and

ii) I went against the grain and refused to observe confinement, much to the chargin of my mother, whose pure bred Cantonese and likes her customs and traditions.


The Dutchess of Cookalot whipped this up at 8:04 pm

2 calories
Looks good, try grated ginger next time, like the way you grate your pineapples for PT, I had that for my confinement..oomph.
Mmmm...that's one delicious rice I've not eaten for ages! I just love ginger fried.
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