Why I Love My Husband - #5768

Monday, May 28, 2007

On Saturday, I had on a silky buttoned-down shirt dress in black with a bronze/gold print. It had three quarter sleeves with the hemline about two to three inches from the knees. To finish the look off, I wore a pencil thin patent leather belt. I thought I looked rather spiffy in it. And I did. I was also aware it's not one of my husband's favourite dresses on me but hey, I like it and on it stays.

I did, however, press my husband for a reason on why he disliked it so much. He replied I was too young for a dress like that. Whoa! How sweetly put was that? The norm would be - 'It makes you look old' or 'You look old in it'.

Just for that, I've banished the offending article to the cold palace. Heaven forbid I put on a couple of unneccessary years to my age. Ack! And honestly, a reply like that deserves a certain reward, does it not?


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