Extreme Date

Thursday, February 14, 2008

So we went on a date today, Hubs and I.

My parents took Sonny-boy out for the day which freed us up for some couple time. And no, it wasn't because it was Valentine's Day, things just worked out that way. Hubs and I don't do Valentine's Day just like we don't do Mother's Day, Father's Day and a whole slew of commercial holidays, save Christmas. It is safe to assume we are every advertiser's nightmare.

And how did we spend our couply day? Oh well, you know, the usual couply way. Like going for a movie, getting our wedding and my engagement rings spiffied up and getting a second tattoo each. Yup, you read that right. A tattoo. Normal people buy jewellery, go on holiday and such by way of reaffirming vows made on that special day. Not Hubs and I. We inflict excruciating pain on each other. Nothing bonds quite like two and a half hours spent together at a tattoo studio. Even better when you're being tattooed side by side which we were.

Hubs got a beautiful blue and red dragon on his right upper arm whilst I had a lovely fairy sitting on a stalk of flowers done on my left hip / upper thigh. To match the existing butterfly sitting on my right shoulder blade. Both tattoos are about 14cm long and the two guys who did them are real artists. The colours were beautifully and painstakingly (in more ways than one) blended making them look like they were painted with a sable haired brush and not a cold, fierce looking needle which breaks skin and draws blood. The sound of the machine is not unlike the dentist's drill.

Midway through the process, I was told the hip area is a sensitive (read painful, extra painful) spot to tattoo. So you will excuse me while I brag about how I waived off the numbing cream and took it like a woman. But I will also say this is a million times worse than my Cesaerean when delivering Sonny-boy.

And to my dear husband, this is our last tattoo together. No more.

That's what we said the last time.


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Monday, February 11, 2008

Our snack holiday is evolving into a ten course Chinese banquet. Due to some administrative hiccup, we have to extend our stay by a couple of days.

We leave this Saturday instead of Wednesday as originally planned.

Hip Hip Hoera! (Hip Hip Hurray!)

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Snack Holiday - Chinese New Year In Singapore

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

We are all taking a very well deserved break. In Singapore, for Chinese New Year, no less.

Away from the brain numbing cold, the air and general pollution, not having to play Dodge The (Frozen) Spittle on a daily basis - how wonderful is that?

I am now writing this from the lap of luxury. Luxurious to us anyhow. I am always mindful how one person's meat is another person's you must be kidding me.

We landed in Singapore last Saturday and will stay till next Wednesday. I am reluctant to leave because of family, friends and the comfort of the familiar. Not to mention the easy, efficient manner things are done here. Everything works the first time round. If you have lived overseas for a prolonged period of time, you will understand what I mean.

The other reason for my reluctance is the hotel we're staying in. It is fantastic and better than what was intially expected. We are being spoilt here by the staff and facilities - it will be hard to get back to real life next week. When we were finalising the logistics, Hubs asked where we should stay this time round and I suggested the Goodwood Park Hotel. I love the fact that the hotel is steeped up to its turret in history. And that it's exclusively small, compared to her slick, modern but cold counterparts. Everyone here is so warm, it's incredible. And, if back in the day, it was good enough for the Duke of Windsor, then heck, it's good enough for the Dutchess of Cookalot. Add to the fact we were given an upgrade to a ground level poolside room - our living room doors open straight out into the garden with the centerpiece pool - you can understand why I say we're being Spoilt.

See you all in the real world next week!

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